Naked Munros
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Welcome to Free Range Naturism, a celebration of naturism without walls, away from the fences and gates of the traditional club, set loose to run free in the wilds.

Mountains can be a paradise for the free range naturist. When summer comes and the snows melt, a lush and beautiful landscape is left behind, full of breathtaking panoramas, cooling mountain streams and remote wilderness, often devoid of all signs of human civilisation and perfect for exploring in your natural state.

The mountains of Scotland and the Alps contain some of the most beautiful mountain environments in the world. The Highlands of Scotland, although notorious for their harsh weather conditions, become a paradise when summer truly arrives, turning their bleak and barren vistas into a playground for the free range naturist, with soft, rolling hills to run across, huge mountain pinnacles of rock to scramble over and dark, peaty rock pools to cool an overheated naked body in. The Alps, although higher, enjoy better weather conditions, and the free range naturist can spend almost half the year enjoying the magnificent mountain architecture that spreads itself across a huge swathe of southern Europe, from France to Slovenia.

This site will document naturist exploration of these environments, in words and pictures. Landscape nude photography will show off the beautiful scenery that free range naturists could encounter on their travels, in an environment teaming with all sorts of interesting life, whether animals, insects, sea-life or flowers, all of which are existing in their environment in the way that they were born to.

Why do we do this?

We've both got our reasons for doing this, read below what they are, and the point of this website.